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Click on “Expand All” below and open up our Health News Library with a wealth of articles to alternative health care.

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Being healthy is not easily defined as just the absence of disease.

Healthy Living is taking steps with actions and strategies and putting them into place to achieve optimum health. Healthy Living is about taking responsibility and making smart health choices for today and for the future.

Eating right, physical activity, emotional wellness, spiritual wellness and prevention are all apart of creating a healthy lifestyle.

The whole YOU means all aspects of one’s self, must work in harmony to achieve wellness, you need to put balanced energy into each aspect of yourself.

We all try to keep fit and healthy, and at times we fall. But we get up and keep trying.

Choose a topic below that interests you. Learn more about food and how it correlates to a healthy you.



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Health Articles about Fruits, Vegetables, Eatable Roots, SpicesHerbs and Nuts that You Should Embrace and Add to Your Diet

Arugula   Avocado   Bananas   Beets  Broccoli   Carrots   Cloves  

Cranberries   Figs   Garlic   Ginger   Ginseng   Goji Fruit

Grapes   Honeydew Melon    Honey   Kale   Nuts   Oranges   Passion Fruit

Pomegranates  Spices   Spinach   Sweet Potatoes

Tart Cherries   Tomatoes   Watermelon



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I hold an Advanced Learning Certificate in Human Health – Diet and Nutrition. We do not put one diet above another. We encourage healthy eating. Please look through the Health News Library and learn how food correlates to a healthy you.

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